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Blincoe FACS Explore 6 No School Intro to Measuring. No hw Measuring Skills (independent lab) Kitchen Safety Illustration due Monday Safety Illustration due Monday. Intro My Plate
Blincoe FACS I No School-President's day Review Kitchen Safety Test. Test is Wednesday Safety Test. Study guide due Getting Ready to Cook packet. Getting ready to cook packet.
Blincoe FACS II No School-President's day Salsa and Knife safety lab. Knife cuts poster due Friday Intro to International Foods Unit. Plan Crepes Lab Crepes lab
Garrison - Brown Band
Hahn Band
Helderle Project Lead the Way 6th No School 1.5 Designing for Production No HW 1.5 Designing for Production No HW 1.5 Designing for Production No HW 1.5 Designing for Production No HW
Helderle Project Lead the Way DM/AR No School Survival Challenge No HW Survival Challenge No HW Sketching Practice HW: At home sketch 3.2 Writing Pseudocode No HW
Helderle Project Lead the Way GA/MD No School Hearing Loss No HW Hearing Loss/Taste Lab No HW Taste Lab No HW Intro to Brain Anatomy No HW
Wallace Project Lead the Way App Creators No School Continue 1.7 Continue 1.7 Finish 1.7 Begin 1.8
Jackson Computer 6
Jackson Computer 7
Jackson Computer 8
Lauer Health
Morris Health
Wilkens Health
Wallace Beginning Choir No School Turn in Contest Permission Form Concert Info
Torretta-Trout Foreign Language Explore 6th No School Chinese New Year with Art Class Chinese New Year with Art Class Chinese Food and Festivals - kite activity Chinese traditions, language and calligraphy - no hw
Torretta-Trout Foreign Lang. 7th & 8th Semester No School
Torretta-Trout French I No School Correct Olympian Projects AND Possessive Adjective Stories (Stories corrected and resubmitted to teacher, Olympic Athlete Projects correct and hung up) Prepositions Block activity and Partner work Prepositions and locker BW, finish partner activity, and do -RE verb definitions (practice on Quizlet)
Bergmann Art Explore 6th
Bergmann Art I
Bergmann Art II

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